A fickle finger of fate...

That's what we call things that are outside of our control.

For example…a bad umpire.

I once had an umpire who was not only blind as a bat but dumb as a…


Let’s just say he was a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

But, at the end of the day, there’s nothing I could do.

I couldn't argue balls and strikes

I couldn't go back in time to a previous bat.

I couldn't take the ump to the eye doctor.

All I could do was focus on what I can control.

My mindset. My approach. My process and my self-talk.

See, once you get this part right. Once you learn how to focus on what you can control, the game will always feel in your control, regardless of the situation.

When your mind is right, seeing the ball and hitting the ball gets a whole lot easier. This is a skill you can practice, and you can start for $1.

If you can, you must...

If you want to, you can.

If you can, you must

Mastery attracts because it forever will allude.

There is a mantra that the greatest athletes share when they think about where they are compared to where they are going.

They say to themselves..."I must get better."

If you're willing to make playing baseball your destiny, then fulfill it.

To the brim.


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Here's a hint: "A rule of thumb...the longer you're on offense, the better."

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