UNC Baseball Coach Mike Fox On Baseball Scholarships & Playing Time.

When we meet with a young man and his family, there are always two big elephants that walk in the room.

And those are, “How much are we going to offer you and how soon can you play?

It’s a conversation about dollar amount and playing time.

As important as both of those things are, you should understand that the two of those things don’t go together.

Scholarship dollars and playing time don’t correlate.

The reality of college recruiting is that you don’t control how much you get offered, but you do control the playing time you get.

I learned very early on at UNC that families equated scholarship amounts to a player’s worth.

That’s just not the case.

A scholarship offer is not a predictor for playing time. I think I’m most like other coaches when I say, we will put the best nine out on the field.

End of story.

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