Hitting a baseball consistently is hard.
We make it a little easier.

The Applied Vision Baseball Pitch Recognition app is a platform made by ballplayers and backed by science.


In 2020, Applied Vision Baseball ventured to pioneer in-game simulations live at-bats from any device.

Whether it be a laptop, phone, desktop, or VR headset, the goal was clear - to help players rehearse success while increasing the iterative process of failure.

The missing was also clear.

To help players develop confidence.

In a game loaded with failure, we all know a hitter’s #1 job is to be confident and stay confident when they’re not getting results.

You only have around400 milliseconds to recognize the spin, speed, and location of the pitch to put a quality swing at where you think the ball will be at point-of-contact.

Hitting is hard.

But baseball is a game. It’s meant to be played.

When we’re having fun, we play well.

Vision. Having fun. It's a skill set that can be taught & trained.

On any device

Applied Vision Baseball is a way we can train hitters to recognize pitch-types, develop plate discipline and sharpen our timing.

Vision is also about playing with intent and competing.

So that the next time you step up to the plate, you believe you have what it takes to beat the pitcher.

Hitting a baseball consistently isn’t easy.

We make it a little easier.

Vision training, designed to help sharpen your timing & pitch selection.


When pressure, tension & anxiety takes away from your performance, it’s no fun. Your bat feels slower. You second guess your abilities, and your instincts feel off because the game seems to speed up.

You’re not alone. It happens to every player on the planet. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Fortunately. There are ways to transcend the tension & anxiety to allow your natural athletic abilities to come through. 

It starts with having an attainable goal to Win The At-Bat.


Our main claim to fame is being the very first platform that simulates live at-bat with 3D technology on your phone.

The Applied Vision Baseball App is structured to make the process of building superior pitch recognition skills a fun interactive experience.

The user of the app should feel a real, and immediate sensation of the benefits of the pitch recognition training.

The pith recognition drills are designed to help hitters develop baseball vision that goes beyond healthy eye-sight.

Pitch-Path Anticipation, Visual tracking, Dilation Speed, Pitch-Sequence Recall and, other various pitch recognition skill-sets are tools that hitters will develop in their hitter's tool-box while using the Applied Vision App.

We've angled the cameras on the ball field, and placed visual markers on the pitch sequence footage to simulate actual hitter's POV. Now - the hitter using the app can more accurately recognize spin, speed, and location while in the app.

We use a Cinema Cam, Go Pro VR 360 and the newest iPhone devices to get clear resolutions as well as high-speed frame rates for slow-motion pitch recognition drills that will soon be made available as well.

All pitch recognition footage streams in 1080 as well as 4k HD.

Lastly - users will have the ability to track consecutive login days, track their pitch recognition accuracy, and compete against other hitters around the world on our Leaderboard Page.


Pitch Recognition Test UI

We brought together a small team of talented developers to collaborate on an elegant solution to a fun challenge.

Allowing hitters to simulate live at-bat, at game-speed while developing one of the most important skill-sets a hitter can have. Pitch Recognition.

With this tool, the user can see actual footage of top-level pitchers, with types of pitch recognition drills to help them develop each pitch recognition skill separately.

Pitch Recognition Test UX

Once the hitter logs in, they'll receive immediate access to pitchers with various pitch recognition difficulty levels and focuses such as pitch sequence recall, the occlusion method, pitch-track anticipation and soft vs hard focus transitioning.

After each drill is completed, the user is provided with a score, and feedback on how to further develop their pitch recognition based on current performance.

To learn more about the Applied Vision Baseball App, visit our main page here.


Mark Brooks is the founder of Applied Vision Baseball, Art of Baseball Productions & Co-founder of Quality At-Bats Academy.

He's a graduate of Bethune Cookman University where he played for the Division 1 Wild Cats.