Improve your prediction skills and slow the game down with our Reflex Strobe Glasses.


Our Reflex Strobe glasses are a type of tech eyewear that flashes light at a specific frequency. This can be used to train athletes in a variety of ways, including:

Improving reaction time: When the brain is only given a brief glimpse of visual information, it has to work harder to process it. 

Enhancing visual acuity: Strobe glasses can also help to improve visual acuity, or the ability to see details. 

Developing hand-eye coordination: Hand-eye coordination is the ability to move your hands in a coordinated way in response to visual information. 

Strobe glasses can help to improve hand-eye coordination by training the brain to process visual information more quickly.

the science

One important vision skill our Reflex Strobe Glasses help athletes develop is their Saccadic vision skills

What is Saccadic Vision?

Saccadic vision refers to the rapid, jerky movements of the eyes that occur when we shift our gaze from one point to another. These movements, called saccades, allow us to quickly and accurately scan our environment and focus on specific objects or details.

In other words, this is how an athlete is able to predict where a moving object is going.

Eg. A hitter at the plate isn't swinging at where the ball is out of the pitcher's hand, rather they are swinging at where the ball will be at point-of-contact.

This is why so much of vision in sports is about prediction, anticipation, and reaction.

During a saccade, the eye moves very rapidly in one direction, then stops abruptly and changes direction to move to the next point of focus. 

The brain processes the information gathered during these quick eye movements to create a continuous and stable visual experience, even though the eyes are actually moving constantly.

Saccadic movements are controlled by a complex network of neurons in the brain that work together to coordinate the timing and direction of each movement. These movements are an essential part of our visual system and play a crucial role in our ability to perceive and interact with the world around us.

A saccade is a rapid, conjugate, eye movement that shifts the center of gaze from one part of the visual field to another. Saccades are mainly used for orienting gaze towards an object of interest. 

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Challenge your prediction, anticipation and reaction muscles!

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What do Strobe Glasses do?

Improves reaction time: When the brain is only given a brief glimpse of visual information, it has to work harder to process it. This can lead to faster reaction times, as the brain learns to anticipate what is coming next.

Enhances visual acuity: Strobe glasses can also help to improve visual acuity, or the ability to see details. This is because the flashing light forces the eyes to focus more precisely.

Boosts peripheral vision: Peripheral vision is the ability to see objects that are not directly in front of you. Strobe glasses can help to improve peripheral vision by training the eyes to take in more information from the side.

Do Strobe Glasses work?

You bet they do! Think of them like weight training for the eyes. So much of being an elite athlete is developing elite visual skills. It's not just about having good eye sight. Great vision skills also consists of pattern recognition and prediction.

What age are Strobe Glasses for?

As soon as an athlete is participating in sports that involve moving objects, Strobe Glasses will help with increasing the difficulty of training and practice.

Do Strobe Glasses help with hitting a baseball?

No doubt! Recognizing spin, speed, and location efficiently is a non-negotiable with reaching peak performance at the plate. Our Reflex Strobe Glasses will also help with increasing the difficulty of glove work and complimentary vision training drills.

What if they break?

We got you. Just send us a photo, and we'll replace it. Easy peasy. Your success is our success!

What are the potential dangers if I am prone to experiencing seizures?

Even though we use the word "Strobe" our Reflex Strobe Glasses does not utilize light emission in any way. 

Instead, it functions as a device with shutters that block out light. 

Throughout the history of both the Reflex Strobe Glasses and other Strobe training glasses, there has not been a singular reported instance of the product causing a seizure. 

Photosensitive seizures are typically most triggered by stimulus frequencies ranging from 15 to 20 Hz. 

The default frequency range of the Senaptec Strobe is 1 to 6 Hz, which significantly deviates from the commonly associated seizure range. 

Nevertheless, for individuals with a history of seizures induced by light exposure, it is advised to abstain from using the Senaptec Strobe as a precautionary measure. 

Should you harbor concerns regarding your medical condition, it is recommended to consult your healthcare provider first before incorporating our Reflex Strobe Glasses.

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