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Train Pitch Recognition, Vision, & Hitting IQ.

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Slow The Ball Down. Recognize The Off-Speed.
Simulate Live At-Bats.

Increase your hard contact consistency and optimize your hitting approach by simulating a week's worth of at-bats in one session.

We all know if you can hit, you'll play. We also know that the #1 way to get better is to actually play the game. 

By using the Applied Vision Baseball Pitch Recognition App, you can increase the amount of quality reps at game speed while working on your weaknesses as a hitter!

Why Is Pitch Recognition
So Important? 

Pro Level Pitcher

Face actual professional level pitchers who've pitched at the affiliate to big- league level! Ever wondered if you could hit a big-league fastball or changeup? Come find out!

College Level Pitchers

Are you about to make the leap to college-level baseball? Test your pitch recognition skills against pitchers who've competed at top-level universities.

High School & Youth Pitchers

This is great for youth level hitters who want to develop their pitch recognition skills against players their age.

Pitch Recognition Challenges

Test your pitch recognition skills with our baseball vision challenges! 

Train in pitch-type specific pitch recognition drills to help you identify and then strengthen your weaknesses as a hitter!

How Our Training Works

There's a BIG difference between good eye-sight and effective eye-sight.

Depth Perception

Step 1

A hitter's pitch recognition to identify moving objects in three dimensions. 

More importantly, it allows the hitter to judge and anticipate a baseball's speed and distance. In order to have optimized depth perception, the hitter must be effective at using both eyes simultaneously. 

The better the eyes work together, the better the result. Period.

Speed of Eye Dilation

Step 1

A hitter's speed of eye dilation is the speed of focus on objects moving further and closer from the head and eyes. 

How quickly the eyes dilate will affect the hitter's pitch recognition abilities while judging balls, strikes and pitch types. 

During an at-bat, the closer the pitch gets to the hitter the more the eyes will dilate. The quicker the dilation, the quicker the reaction.

Visualization & Recall

Step 3

Your ability to remember previous pitches and at-bats will have a direct impact on the types of adjustments you make in each at-bat. 

Also - rehearsing success by simulating successful at-bats in the past will allow you to develop your confidence and competitive mind-set abilities.

Baseball Pitch Recognition & Vision Training

Visual Tracking

Step 3

Visual Tracking occurs when the hitter's eyes lock on a point of focus.

 For hitters, it's the ball, the seams, plane of the pitch and where the ball ends up.  

Tracking is crucial for a hitter’s pitch recognition skills to anticipate balls and strikes, where the defense is positioned and breaking balls that have a large break in its plane. 

Visual tracking is also important on defense. 

Having a full perspective of the field as you anticipate one play from the next.

Visual Reaction Time

Step 2

The optic nerve transmutes visible information from the retina to the brain. 

Think of your optic nerve system as a Mac Book Computer. 

The quicker the data is processed the slower the ball will seem in the zone. 

This process runs at its absolute best when you are relaxed. Ever notice how the pitch looks like a balloon when you're taking in a 3-0 count? 

The muscles around the eyes are relaxed which allows you to pick up the pitch out o the pitcher's hand more efficiently.

Step 3

Pitch RecogNition Drills Library

Slide through dozens of various pitch recognition pitchers, drills & sequence tests

Applied Vision Baseball Pro Pitchers Youth Pitchers


Choose from dozens of various pitchers at the youth, high school, college, and professional level.

New pitchers are added each quarter with various scouting reports and breakdowns.

Want to work on recognizing the change-up? Face Ozzie circle change-up that drops off the table!

How about an elite level fastball? Train against Dante whose fastball tops out at 93 mph!

Appplied Vision Pitch Recognition Drills


With each pitcher, you'll be able to train using the Full-View, Soft VS Hard Focus, Pitch Path Prediction, Occlusion, Swing Trigger, Change-up rehearsal, & Pitch Sequence Recall.

You can learn more about each type of pitch recognition drill here.


Get access to 30 + hitting drills with top college coaches, scouts & former players.

Learn how to adjust to change-ups, master swing path, and develop solid plate discipline with new hitting drills added each quarter.

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