Share Your Vision Training!

Send us a 10-15 second clip of you training your pitch recognition, and earn free stuff!




Step One

Record a 10-15 second clip of you training.

Record yourself training on any device.

Step two

Send us your footage.

Email the footage to [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @appliedvisionbaseball.

Step three

Tells us which product  or amazon giftcard to send you.

Choose from any of the products listed below or an Amazon Giftcard.

Bonus step. (Optional)

Upload & tag us @appliedvisionbaseball.

If you also upload the video and tag us with a video/audio recording of how you use the app, you will recieve an additional product or Amazon giftcard.

Free Swing Bands

Increase your hard contact consistency while getting to the point of contact in the correct position!

(Value $37)

Free Mini Balls

Vibrant contrasting colors on each side, to train spin-speed recognition. These mini-training baseballs provide a visual stimulus that challenges your perception and sharpens your ability to track the ball.

(Value $30)

Free Finger Web Gloves

Versatile Web Glove Training: Suitable for both baseball and softball, this web glove is designed to enhance your catching skills, making it a valuable tool for training sessions.

(Value $37)

Amazon Giftcard

Amazon. Ever heard of it?

(Value $30)