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Highly reccomended! Perfect mechanics mean nothing if you're not confident and not seeing the ball great. You can rehearse success with this app. Love it.

Steve Springer

Quality At-Bats - @qualityatbats

When your eyes improve, you improve! This app has been great for helping hitters learn how to stop chasing pitches in the dirt.

Trent Mongero

Dirt Bro Baseball - @coachmongero

Applied Vision Baseball reviews Testimonials

This app gave me a great opportunity to work on my pitch recognition in my room. When I can't go to the facility or field, I have this right at my fingertips!

Caleb Pendelton

Florida Atlantic University - @cpendleton34

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I've been using this app to make better hitting decisions. It's been a game changer for recognizing curveballs also!

Ben Livorsi

MSU Baseball Alum - @blivorsi4

I’ve been using this product for two weeks now and I couldn’t be happier. This app has allowed me to focus and break down my approach at the plate. There are plenty of drills that help break down your approach that really help hone your skills at the plate. 


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I got this app and didn’t know it costs money, $9.99/mo, but I got it anyway to try it as a guinea pig for everyone else. I had seen the “Win Reality” everywhere but it’s a ton of money that I don’t have to spend. This is a wayyy cheaper option for hundreds less.  

There are several different levels and types of pitchers, pro level all the way down to youth. I’ve done maybe 30 sessions and Im already hitting better, coming from a completely objective opinion, I think this is sooooo worth the money for hitters looking to better their eye at the plate.

Grady Stickney

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It's awesome. I set up the app with my TV, so I've been doing drills while in my batting stance to work on my timing.

Mateo Hamm

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Upon downloading the app, I was surprised with how user-friendly it was. There are multiple tutorial videos, testimonies, and classes that show how to maneuver the app. This is perfect for those getting back into season shape and those who love to compete. This app has allowed me to raise above other competition. Can’t wait to see improvements over next couple months!!

Keagan Vance

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Found Applied Vison Basball on Instagram and signed up for the one week trail that cost $1. I’ve been using this app so much and I’ve become better and started to recognize pitchers and their pitchers better. Definitely worth the money


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Great app!
Been using this app during baseball season and it helps with pitch anticipation and getting mentally ready for at bats. My nephew plays ball year round and i bought him a subscription too. He likes it as well


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My son is 12 & he loves it!!


Apple Store Review

Super Addictive! My son is 12 & he loves it!!


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