The best players serve in silence.

Without the need for any recognition, they will:

  • Get the bunt down
  • Hit behind the runner
  • Back up the throws
  • Hit the cut off
  • Play to win
  • Fight & pull for their teammates

Arrogance is loud.

Arrogance needs to know that it will be seen and validated before it puts in the work.

Confidence is quiet.

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Pitch Recognition App

Increase your hard contact consistency and optimize your hitting approach by simulating a week's worth of at-bats in one session.

>>> Train Pitch Recognition, Vision, & Hitting IQ.

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How The App Works

Take a peek at how the AVB pitch recognition app works.

Keep in mind - we make new iterations, add new pitchers and drills in the app quarterly, so chances are the interface & features will be optimized.

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