Here’s how to handle baseball slumps. First, realize they don’t exist. Slumps are for hitters who are slaves to their stats.

Second - realize you’re trying to do what’s probably the hardest things to do consistently in all of sports.

Swinging a round bat at a round ball that spins, breaks and drops.

The ball could be at your head or it could be right down the middle.
As a hitter, you have to be able to cut yourself some slack.

On average, as a hitter, you have around 150 milliseconds to recognize the spin, speed, and location of a baseball to put a good swing on where you think the ball will be at point of contact.

Hitting ain't easy.

This is why you need an approach! Because I don’t care how good your swing is, or how much confidence you have, if your approach stinks, you’re mechanics will break down and you will lose your confidence.

Hitting is hard. Keep perspective.

Hitting is hard. Have the right approach.

Fix Your $1 Swing

You can have the most technically sound swing that looks great on Instagram.

But if you get cheated by fastballs with count-leverage, or if you don’t know how to drive the ball to all fields with consistent authority, you still just have a $1 swing.

You can have all the confidence in the world, and be feeling yourself.

But if you’re pulling pitches you have no business pulling, you still have a $1 swing.

You can refine your launch angle and increase your exit velo.

But if you’re not swinging with intent to do damage…
…you still have a $1 swing.

Hitting is about being a better competitor than the pitcher.

The moment you step in the box, hitting is no longer a “looks-contest”.

What you work on in practice will translate quicker to the game when you cultivate the belief that you can beat the pitcher.

Pitch Recognition App

Increase your hard contact consistency and optimize your hitting approach by simulating a week's worth of at-bats in one session.

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How The App Works

Take a peek at how the AVB pitch recognition app works.

Keep in mind - we make new iterations, add new pitchers and drills in the app quarterly, so chances are the interface & features will be optimized.

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