To play with the big boys, we gotta play the hand were dealt. While facing a pitcher, this means swinging at the strikes we're given.

Sometimes, when we strike out, we don't strike out on strike three.

Occasionally, we struck out on the 1st strike we should have attacked early in the count.

Stringing together good at-bats together oftentimes is about being aggressive early.

When you recognize a good pitch to hit, make the pitcher pay.

Mental Errors on Defense...

  • Lapses in concentration.
  • Stuck on past performances or outcomes.
  • Worried about what the coach is thinking in the dugout.
  • Worried about what mom or dad is thinking in the stands.
  • Overwhelmed by the momentum of the opponent.
  • Taking the inning, at-bat, pitch or moment for granted.
  • Not understanding the situation.

Physical errors will happen.

A bad hop.

A tough play you could have made but didn't, but mental errors and lapses in concentration are a result of: 

  • Taking the moment for granted.
  • Failing to have a mental routine or process that puts you in present-focused, compete-mode.

Each pitch requires your best mental effort. 

The moments in between pitches; that's your chance to recover. Stare at a blade of grass.

Gaze at the sky. Take a deep breath.

Then once the pitcher begins their wind up, cultivate the concentration. Have it at 100% as the ball reaches home plate.

Prep step with intention, in the moment, expecting to make the next play


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