How To Stop Striking Out: Patience & Flow

On occasion, while working on something in batting practice, it’s tempting to want to see results appear immediately.

Sometimes the change comes quickly after a small tweak.

Sometimes the change comes suddenly a few days later when we’ve let go of outcome.

The trick is to let go.

Good things happen when we get out of our own way.

When you remember to have fun, the things you work on appear, and the adjustments get made.

Most importantly, the ball slows down.

How To Stop Striking Out: The Sweet Science of Hitting

The science of hitting can be explained in three words, IMO.

  • timing
  • confidence
  • approach

I've seen and trained many hitters who had only a decent swing but thrived at the plate because there were on time, competed with self-belief, and had an approach that matched their role in the line-up.

You can have the sweetest swing on the planet, but if you're not on time, confident, and have the right approach...

You'll miss pitches you should have driven, take emergency swings in hitter's counts, and struggle to put the ball in play when you're facing adversity.

To be on time, get your foot down on time, swing with intent & keep your finger on the swing trigger™.

To be confident, change what you think success is from getting a hit to winning the at-bat and helping your team win the ball game.

To have the right approach, think about driving the ball hard up the middle with intent to do some serious damage.

Being consistent at the plate will be one of the hardest things you'll ever do.

It gets a whole lot easier when you understand the sweet science of hitting.

How To Stop Striking Out: Flow

How would you describe the feeling of the game slowing down and utilizing our instincts? For me, it would be:

  • feeling in control. 
  • timelessness.
  • an identify that is embedded in the task.
  • full of purpose and in the zone.

If you've ever heard the term "be the ball." this is what they mean.

Ever hit the ball so perfectly that you didn't even feel it come off the bat?
best feeling in the world, right?

Master the mental game.

Have an approach that matches your strengths and role in the lineup.

Compete to win the at-bat.

Do these things, and you will achieve flow.

Believe it.

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