Best Baseball Pitch Recognition Training Apps

Here are two things we know for sure about playing baseball at an elite level. 1. If you can hit, you'll play. 2. You get better by playing. This is why the best baseball pitch recognition training apps should help hitters develop while simulating live at-bats to:

  • Efficiently recognize the ball out of the pitcher's hand
  • Judge pitch type and location
  • Simulate high-velocity fastball to reinforce an aggressive mindset to be on time with the pitch
  • Rehearse pitch sequences at game speed with quick iterations.
  • Help transition from soft to hard focuses on the pitcher and their release point.
  • Develop visual tracking skills that help hitters recognize and judge late movement on pitches.
  • Develop better depth perception to recognize high-velocity fastballs
  • Train eye dilation to sharpen reaction time
  • Cultivate visualization recall to remember past pitch sequences for success rehearsal and confidence building

Training To Become an Elite Hitter

The idea is simple. You want to become an elite hitter.

In order to do that, you need to have:

  • off the charts toughness
  • elite-level eye-hand coordination
  • explosive & quick-twitch
  • quick adjustability
  • a very short memory
  • efficient swing mechanics
  • overall strength
  • elite-level pitch recognition
  • advanced body control
  • plate awareness & discipline
  • in some cases, a killer instinct

In other words, to be an elite hitter, you need to consider becoming a better athlete and overall competitor than you are a ballplayer.

The right pitch recognition app should help you in all of the above assets.

⚾ Based on user surveys, 95% of hitters training in Applied Vision Baseball have said they feel MORE confident & are more consistent in recognizing & reacting to high-velocity fastballs & hard breaking balls.

Things All Good Baseball Pitch Recognition Training Apps Have...

If hitting is about confidence, and we know that when we're seeing the ball well, we're confident...

...priority #1 should be to see the ball as well as possible to make sure we're swinging at good pitches to hit.

Often times, we underachieve at the plate because we're either chasing balls out of the strike zone or we're pulling balls we shouldn't be pulling.

Getting away from our approach at the plate is one of the many ways we fall short of our true potentials as hitters.

Training your pitch recognition helps you stay on your approach. Knowing how to train your pitch recognition is a skill worth learning.

Early Release Point Recognition

By executing efficient "soft to hard focus" pitch recognition techniques, we can recognize key early pitch recognition skills that will allow us to make important adjustments to specific pitches.

For example, a fastball that explodes quickly out of the pitcher's hand (release point), a curveball that "pops" out and above a typical pitch plane or a change-up that's left up in the zone.

Pitch Type & Location Visual Acuity

When we are effective at judging pitch type and location by the tint, shade or color of a pitch with the ability to judge balls or strikes...

...our plate discipline optimizes as we lower our strikeouts and increase our hard contact percentage.

Quick Game Speed Iterations

By having a pitch recognition app that allows us to simulate high-velocity fastballs, we're able to reinforce an aggressive mindset to be on time with the pitch.

Also, we stop throwing away at-bats because we're not ready to hit.

Training to swing while assuming the next pitch is going to be a strike and instead of swinging "if" it's going to be a strike, we'll reinforce a selective aggressive mindset.

In other words, the mentality becomes, "it' a strike until it's not" or "Yes, yes, yes, no".

Always ready to pull the trigger until our pitch recognition tells us not to swing.

Hitters who are able to rehearse pitch sequences at game speed have a huge advantage.

By leveraging quick iterations, they're able to work on their weaknesses so that they don't become liabilities while working on strengths so that they become sharpened tools in the player's toolbox.

Late Movement Pitch Recognition

For many hitters, poor pitch recognition skills can surface when a hitter doesn't follow the ball in the last zone of the pitch plane.

This phase is when the late movement of a pitch occurs.

This is why pitchers with good velocity and late movement tend to be the most effective.

Being able to recognize and judge late movement on pitches is just another advantage when it comes to elite level pitch recognition.

If you're looking for the best baseball pitch recognition training apps, start with features that allow you to simulate actual game situations at the plate.

A good pitch recognition app allows hitters to reinforce vision skills that they actually utilize while in the batter's box.

Fun Pitch Recognition Training

Lastly, a solid baseball pitch recognition training app helps players to test and measure their progress while building confidence as hitters, and it should be fun.

As hitters, when we're seeing the ball well, we're confident. When we're confident at the plate, we play well.

Applied Vision Baseball: A Baseball Pitch Recognition Training App

Our goal with the Applied Vision Baseball Pitch Recognition App was to give hitters the ability to place their hands on the things that will dictate playing time and how quickly they develop.

With the Applied Vision Baseball App, you're able to simulate live at-bats at game speed, quickly without having to deal with bad umpires, lack of playing time, tournament fees, micro-managing coaches, game delays, rain delays, and politics.

This is about getting better at hitting and cutting out anything that could distract you from seeing the ball as well as you can while taking an aggressive swing with the right approach.

If you could simulate a year's worth of at-bats in one week, how good do you could get? How quickly do you think you would develop?

This is what Applied Vision Baseball helps you solve. Pitch Recognition Training at your fingertips.

Now you have no excuse. The resources are here. The platform is ready.

Face pitcher's who are a little better than you. Practice. Train. Make the adjustments...

...then improve.

Click to learn more.

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