How To Become A Better Hitter in Baseball

I've been asked "how to become a better hitter in baseball" so many times that I keep the following text in my email to copy and paste a quick response.

"Have a solid approach that allows you to lock-in & rehearses success, swing with an intention to do damage & then compete your tail off.

Hitting is not a "looks" contest so once you step in the box, the inner swig-critics shuts off."

Once the game starts, the game becomes very, very mental.

Understand: How good you get at shifting your focus from the result you don't want to the result you do want, will dictate how:

  • quickly you make adjustments on the field
  • often you perform with confidence
  • good of a teammate you are
  • much playing time you earn
  • long you play this game

If you can't make quick adjustments, you'll underachieve.

Playing with confidence is a non-negotiable is you want a chance at playing at an elite level.

Being a good teammate is how you alleviate performance anxiety

If you don't earn playing time, you don't play.

The longer you play, the higher the level of baseball you'll achieve. We all want to play college and pro ball, so what we focus on is crucial if we want to reach and then transcend our potential.

So how to become a better hitter in baseball, exactly?

Well - we can start by with these principles in mind:

  1. Have repeatable routine
  2. Execute a solid approach at the plate
  3. Have a controlled aggressive swing
  4. Keep your finger on the Swing Trigger™
  5. Develope a solid Hitter's I.Q.
  6. Execute your pitch recognition routine effectively
  7. Recognize spin, speed, and location
  8. Understand what type of pitcher you’re facing
  9. Be a serious tough out with 2 strikes
  10. Compete your tail off

If hitting is about confidence, which it is, then making sure we do everything we can do build that confidence is how we make sure we show up with the right mind-set.

It's also how we make sure the same player shows up regardless of past performance. Highs low and lows high. Even keel, and always ready to compete.

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