Controlled Aggressive Swings & Good Baseball Vision

Read this carefully.. When it comes to players having controlled aggressive swings & good baseball vision, most hitters struggle to execute and to get the job done because they are way too timid, and are too worried about how their swing looks.

Hitting is not a "looks contest" it's a battle.

Hitters must be willing to go into every at-bat as a bull-dog. Using controlled aggression and an inner belief that says "I can beat the pitcher".

How do we create an aggressive mindset and controlled violent swings?

Forget Trying To Have a Perfect Swing

First, we need to forget about trying to have the perfect swing during the game. In practice, we have a plan to warm up and get loose. If there is something we know we need to work on, we get our reps in, and then we trust that what we work on translates into the game.

Once we start the game, our inner swing-critic shuts down.

When the game starts, and we step in batter's box, we do it with the intention of being the best competitor on the field. Period.

Achieve Controlled Violence

A solid swing isn't violent, violent, and it's not controlled, controlled.

It's controlled violence.

If you're struggling to make HARD & SOLID contact, and you're swinging to NOT miss instead of swinging to hit the ball hard, you need more controlled violence.

The more aggressive you are, the more accurate you will be.

Gear-up to show-up on time.

Loose Muscles, Soft Gaze

We start facing harder pitching, what do we do when we're not aware of our body?

We muscle up and swing harder to match the faster pitching.

What happens next?

Our bat-speed slows down because we're tense, and the ball speed's up because the eyes start to strain.

Tight muscles give you slow hands, a fast heartbeat, and heavy eyes.

Loose muscles give you quick-twitch, a slow heartbeat and a soft gaze.

You need a soft gaze to make the transition from the pitcher to their release point, smoothly and efficiently.

Controlled Aggressive Swings & Good Baseball Vision Checklist

If you're a hitter who cares about getting the most out of their abilities, you're always going to find a way to get better.

For example, when your progress seems slow, rely on your patience and passion to get you to your next level of ability.

Lastly, if you want to avoid timid swings and poor pitch recognition, make sure you keep this controlled aggressive swings & good baseball vision checklist in mind.

  1. Forget the perfect swing, and focus on being the best competitor on the field once the game starts.
  2. Take controlled violent swings on good pitches to hit.
  3. Keep the breathing slow, and the muscles loose to achieve a soft gaze and effective early pitch recognition.

Be bold. Make something happen.

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