Everything There Is To Know About Baseball Vision Training

Here's everything there is to know about baseball vision training. I spent a good 300+ hours collecting everything I've learn and reached when it comes to baseball vision training. Hope you get something out of it.

Hitting Truths...

Here are some truths about hitting…

  • As hitters, we’re only as good as the pitches we swing at.
  • You can have the sweetest swing in the world and all the confidence on the planet, but if you’re not seeing the ball as well as you can you’re hosed.
  • At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is your belief that you have what it takes to beat the pitcher.

Do these make sense?

If so - and if any of them resonate with you, I’d love to hear from you and hear what you thought about them.

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Hitting & Baseball Vision

If you’re looking for advice on Pitch recognition and baseball vision, I wrote a piece about everything I’ve learned and currently teach about recognizing pitches at an elite level.

Read: The Ultimate Guide To Baseball Pitch Recognition & Vision Training.

Recognizing Pitch-Types

Everything There Is To Know About Baseball Vision Training

It takes around 400 milliseconds for an average major league baseball to reach home plate. You have less than 300 milliseconds to recognize the spin, speed, and location of a baseball and put a quality swing on the pitch. 

Hitting is hard. Hopefully, this post was helpful.

Read: How to identify pitch types, spin, speed, and movement.

Hitting & Timing

Hitting is about being on time. Pitching is about upsetting that timing. Our job as an elite hitter is to be on time on every, single pitch.

Read: How to improve timing at the plate.

Hitting & VR

Imagine if you could simulate a week's worth of at-bats in a single day? Imagine the confidence you would build at the plate if you could rehearse success at game speeds and in a controlled environment. 

vr baseball: Everything There Is To Know About Baseball Vision Training

This is our goal with our Baseball VR training.

Read: How To Train in Virtual Reality.

I hope you do get something out of the tips above.

More importantly, I hope you do something with it.

Stay a student of the game,


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