In today's video, we’ll discuss how elite-level hitters are able to be on time with high-velocity fastballs while taking quality swings on quality pitches with seemingly effortless effort.

They make it look so easy - how do they do it.

For me, it all starts with keeping the finger on the Swing Trigger & making adjustments in your mid-swing with visual cues.

So a lot of these topics today are skills you can train in the applied vision baseball pitch recognition app.

One thing all elite-level hitters gave in common, is their refusal to be cheated by the fastball.

Count leverage - 1-0, 2-0, 3-1, even 0-0 when you’re sitting fastball - you’re geared up and ready to be on time.

Hitting is about being on time, pitching is about upsetting that thing, our job is to be on time on every single pitch.

If the pitcher is pitching backward - we adjust. We sit on the off-speed and look for something up in the zone.

Bottom line: Hitters have to be ready to hit.

My guy - Steve Springer would say - “take the IF out of your swing. It’s a strike until it’s not.”

Swinging with intent to do damage.

We’re not thinking IF it’s a strike - we’re assuming the next pitch is going to be the best pitch we’re going see all day.

Think: “Yes, yes, no” on a ball. 

“Yes, yes, GO” on a strike.

This is a skillet you can train in the applied vision baseball app at

You can do it on your iPhone, laptop, desktop, or tv

You can even do it in VR while simulating live at-bats in controlled environments.

Efficient Eye-Tracking

How To Improve My Timing While Hitting

Let’s talk a little bit about Eye-Tracking.

Eddie Murray - said that "they should change the name of baseball to “adjustments” because you make so many of them throughout the course of a ball game." No kidding.

If you wanna hit elite-level pitching you need off-the-charts pitch recognition skills.

One of the ones we train is called Saccadic Eye Training.

An elite hitter with great vision doesn’t swing at where the ball is early in the zone - they are swinging at where the ball will be at point-of-contact.

Saccadic rhythm is the ability to predict the future movement of a baseball.

When you see a big-league guy on time with a 100 MPH fastball and takes a hell-hack like it’s nothing - you’re seeing saccadic eye movements.

Or you see a big-league guy who sits back on braking like it’s nothing, and you don’t hear a trash can - you’re seeing saccadic eye movements.

Hitters: You have to be able to adjust to allow what you learn in practice to translate to the game.

As hitters, we’re only as good as the pitches we swing aT.

If we wanna make hard contact, we gotta be focused, present, and on time.

We have to have an approach to match our strengths.

We have to be ready for the fastball with our finger on the swing trigger

We have to be able to make adjustments in our mid-swing, by allowing our vision to dictate our instincts at the plate.

How To Improve My Timing While Hitting Checklist

  • Keep your finger on the Swing Trigger.
  • Train smooth Saccaddic Eye rhythms.
  • Make adjustments during a pitch, at-bat, game, and season.
  • Have an approach that matches your strengths as a hitter.

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When the swing is effortless, it becomes efficient. When a swing has intent, it becomes accurate.
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