I made these Applied Vision Baseball Bat Knob Stickers to help players understand the power of competing to Win The At-Bat while at the plate.

It starts with becoming a Student of The Game.

Your swing mechanics are perfect, and you can have all the confidence in the world, and none of it matters if you don’t have the right approach or mindset.

So much of hitting is about competing regardless of the results.

To have a process that allows you to reach peak performance whether you’re 4-4 with four doubles or 0-4 with four strikeouts.

This is why we made these Bat Knob Stickers. To help players take back control of their thoughts, mental chatter, and emotional regulation.

Here are some stories and principles that inspired these Game Ready Bat Knob Stickers.

Black Dot Focus

Before Eric Byrnes become the tough-as-nails, Dirt Bro professional ballplayer, he was just a player trying to get to the next level.

During batting practice, his father introduced him to an idea he called “Black Dot Focus”.

He would imagine the small area in the strike zone where the baseball would meet the sweet spot of the bat, (point-of-contact) and visualize a black dot.

There was only the black dot. Nothing else existed.

Eric was being taught how to clear their mind so that he could focus o the task at hand - which was to make hard solid contact with the ball.

The point of contact was simply a black dot in his mind. 

Now his mind was clear to simply trust his abilities and play with toughness and focus.

Swing Thoughts

Success leaves clues. If you watch a big leaguer close enough, you’ll begin to see patterns. A process they go through in order to get into the right state of mind to compete.

One process that many elite hitters have used is their Swing Thought.

It’s a one, two, or three-word phrase, said repeatedly like a mantra to reinforce the targeted mentality.

For example:

  • “Be on time, be on time.
  • “Drive it, drive it”
  • “Stay back, stay back”
  • “See it, see it.”
  • “Swing Trigger, Swing Trigger”
  • "Kill it, kill it”
  • “Be quick, be quick”
  • “Under control, under control”
  • “Compete, compete"

The goal is simple. 

In the movie For The Love of The Game, Kevin Costner’s character, Billy Chapel would say, clear the mechanism to get his mind right.

Game Ready Bat Knob Stickers

Bat Knob Stickers

With our Game Ready Bat Knob Stickers, you can see some of our favorite Swing Thoughts that you can put on the bottom bat knob or above the handle to clear your mind and get it right.

Baseball is a game sea it’s meant to be played.

When we have fun, we play well.

Having a process helps with consistency.

This is how we build an approach and mental game that allows our natural abilities to shine so that what we work on in practice translates to the game.

Clear your mind, get it right, and focus on the most important pitch of the season. The next one!

Grab your Game Ready Bat Knob Stickers here!

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