Understand. You can't walk up to the plate with your hitting coach in your back pocket. The moment you step into the batter's box, it's time to compete. You can't be thinking about what your coach is thinking, or about your mechanics.

More importantly, you can't be attached to the outcome. In order to achieve peak performance in the batter's box, you have to stop caring about whether you get a hit or not.  This is how you achieve freedom in the batter's box.

Hittin doesn't have to be scary. The problem is, sometimes hitters are thinking so much while hitting they become afraid of their own shadow. Whoooooo. 👻

They're trying to achieve the perfect, mechanically sound swing, and so they lose their "feel" for the bat. In other words, they lose their instincts.

If only there was a way hitters could simulate live at-bats while at home and rehearse success against pitchers so that when the game starts, they will feel like they've already succeeded.

Oh wait, there is.

Use this to develop Hitting I.Q...

In a 0-1 count, the common pitch sequence is the 0-1 double-up.

Most pitchers will follow up with the pitch you just got beat on until you've proven you can handle it.

If you were late on the Fastball, you're going to get another Fastball.

If you froze on the Fastball on the outside corner, you're probably going to get another Fastball away.

If you were out in front, you're probably going to get another off-speed.

A good catcher will never purposely speed up your bat or put you on rhythm with the timing of the ball, so make the adjustment.

If you get behind early in the count, beware of the 0-1 double-up.

What's your approach?

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Here's my take: "Whether you're 4-4 or 0-4. It's still an opportunity to compete. The only at-bat that matters is the at-bat happening right now."

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