In this post, we'll discuss how you can develop your tools as a ballplayer with our Wiffle Ball and Bat Set Drills and tools.

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Velo-Stick & Wiffle Balls

Anytime we're working on a skill such as hitting a round bat, or round ball, and we reduce the size of the ball in the bat, it's obviously making the skill more difficult and more challenging.

So any drill that you would typically do with a bat and ball, you can now reduce to a smaller space with mini wiffle balls, and you can do those same drills.

In the video below, you will see Coach Trent Mongero demonstrate with his son Taber, some hitting drills using our Wiffle Ball & Velocity Stick bundle.

Enter Trent...

"My favorite drill is actually a bunning drill to start off with, because with a bunting drill, we have to have our eyes behind the barrel, and young players get disconnected, meaning the heads way up here above the zone, and the barrels way down low below the zone.

This will cause big problems.

So when we learn how to get the barrel-to-ball and achieve true-control of the barrel now, when we do hitting drills, that will immediately transfer over to live at-bats which will improve success rates.

So whether we're doing a one-handed drill, literally hitting underhand BP, the Velo Stick allows you to grow as a hitter.

Eventually, those skills will transfer into other drills when you use your regular-size bat and ball.

From here, we're able to judge balls and strike better in the strike zone. This will help with our pitch selection and plate discipline.

Finger Web Glove & Wiffle Ball

In the next Video, Coach Trent goes over some of his glove-work routines using the finger web-glove.

Enter Coach Trent...

It's very important when you wear the Finger Glove, to wear it like you would your actual glove, nice and relaxed on your fingers - avoid shoving it deep down...

That allows the webbing action to really work. A good idea is to use wiffle balls as well to help with quick iterations of each fielding routine and glove work drill.

Today, what we're going to work on is the backhand.


Because the backhand is where the webbing gets involved the most as a margin for error when we're doing our drill work or actually fielding in the game.

So we're going to work on three different plays. First, we're going to work on what's called the Roller.

The Roller Wiffle Ball Drill

The Roller is the ball staying on the ground here. We're going to use a receive-glove-action where we hinge the front elbow.

We have flexion in our glove hand, exposing the web behind the ball.

We hinge as we receive, giving to the ball and bringing it midline center line for exchange.

The second play we're going to work on is what's called The Short Hop.

The Short Hop Wiffle Ball Drill

The Short Hop is a perfect hop.

It's a one-inch hop. We're in a perfect position to field this ball, so we're going to use a pick glove action.

A pick glove action is where we're hinged on top and we receive more up with how we receive the ball.

The ball is bouncing up, so we stay on top, of course, bringing it to our midline center line for exchange.

The last play we're going to work on is what's called The Press.

The Press Wiffle Ball Drill

We want to make a short in-between hop.

A short hop by simply moving the glove away from the body. We call that the press, or forward positive glove action.

By moving the glove forward, we now have cut down the distance to the ball, making that short in between a short.

Once the ball is in our webbing at the bottom near our pocket, we receive midline center-line exchange.

The versions we're going to do starts on the knees. Eventually, we're going to actually get on our feet, where we have to make an exchange into our V slot throwing position.

Get Your Wiffle Ball and Bat Set

In all, baseball is a game, and it's meant to be played. When we're having fun, we will perform and develop.

Using tools such as our Wiffle Ball & Bat set, we can work on the actions that will lead to peak performance on the field and at the plate.

It's not always about the results, rather it's about the process and our approach to preparation.

Keep it fun with our Applied Vision Baseball wiffle ball sets that can be used for both fielding and hitting training sessions.

Be and stay a Student of The Game!

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