The pitcher could be so dominant on the mound, it looks like they are throwing Aspirin tablets in the strike zone.

You can have a skull as thick as a brick.

Your bat speed can feel slower than molasses in January…

…and you can still achieve success in the batter’s box if you're in compete-mode.

Your job is so simple. Get a good pitch to hit, and see the ball as well as you can.

When you’re getting good-looks at the plate, what you train in practice...

...will translate to the game.

It's not about you...

It's never fun stepping on the ball field with ZERO confidence.

The number one culprit for why we lack confidence is almost always because we're basing our success on results.

Replace hits with making your teammates better, and then watch the performance anxiety dissipate.

Replace wins with proper preparation and see your consistency increase.

Make it less about you, and more about the process and your teammates.

When we focus on elements of the game that are within our control, our confidence grows.

When you struggle, ask yourself, "What am I focused on?"

If it's on something you can't control, make the shift.

There's freedom in this way of thinking, and it'll serve you not just in baseball, but in anything that involves failure and peak performance.

You got this.

What's your approach?

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Here's a hint: "You need base runners. Period."

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