Big Whoop. You can pull a ball and hit it over the fence.

Who cares?

That and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee.

By a cup of coffee, I don’t mean the Big League coffee. I literally mean, just coffee...

In other words - It’s not as valuable as you think. 😉

Lemme esssplain...

Anyone can hit with a little pull-power over the fence. True power is oppo-power and power to all fields because pull power only, can be pitched to and around.

Really, truly driving the ball happens when you learn how to let the ball travel and go gap-to-gap.

It's what the elite-of-the-elite hitters do.

This is something you can train by mastering your timing and vision in our vision training app.

Forget the cup of coffee. Strive for the entire coffee pot!!! Join us for $1.

You lost the game...?

Unless your pitcher threw a perfect game shutout, and every teammate in the lineup went 4-4 -  you didn’t cause the game with your strikeout or error.

Failures happen. You can’t peg one misstep on why your team lost.

The reality is - there were other opportunities earlier in the game for every player.

No one single mistake is ever to blame, most of the time.

If you made a key error or came up short in a key situation,  keep your head up.

It happens to the best.

Just as you’re not the only reason why your team succeeds, you’re also not the only reason why your team tastes defeat.

What's your approach?

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Here's my take: "There is no past. There is no future. The only thing that matters is the most important at-bat of the day. The next one."

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