What Makes A Good Hitter Great.

What makes a good hitter in baseball, great?

For me, it starts with having a plan to Win The At-Bat by understanding these three hitting skill-sets.

I promise you, if you learn these three skill-sets, you will not underachieve at the plate.

Winning the at-bats is predicated on focusing on things we can control.If you need hits to feel successful, you will always be a slave to your stats.

1. Learn to swing efficiently

sometimes we make hitting harder than it needs to be.

For me - hitting is about minimized head movement, attacking the inner-half of the ball while swinging w/ intent to do damage. How consistently you can repeat this movement will dictate your hard-hit contact percentage.

2. Learn to build leverage 

A good swing starts from the ground up. We build leverage by getting our hands loaded away from our body so our hips can pull our hands through the zone, balanced & under control w/ intent to do damage.

The more aggressive the swing, the accurate your hand-eye coordination.

3. Learn to compete

When you stop making it about you and your stats, and you start making it about winning the at-bat, the game, and building up your teammates, the pressure to perform goes away.To me, competing is freedom.

That feeling when you hit the ball so right on the screws, you didn’t feel it come off the bat. We achieve that feeling every day by being a great competitor.

Swing efficiently. Build leverage.

Compete your tail off.

Combine all three, and you’ll Win At-Bats.

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