Read two tweets by Coach Trent Mongero & Trevor and it inspired me to share it and provide some thoughts of my own.

I've experienced bad coaching and I've experienced good coaching.

For me, the best coaches created a healthy environment and nurtered their player's talents. I think at the end of the day, that is a coache's job.

Not to win ball games. Not to get a ring or pad their win/loss record.

It's to build a legacy by devloping players to become responsible adults.

I think Trent Mongero and Trevor Flow exemplify this as well as any coach ever has.

Coach Mongero's Philosophy

Coaches either provide freedom or create tension. If you are uptight, your players are also. It’s that simple. A friend, who won D1 National Titles said, “my teams started winning titles when I stopped being militant, relaxed & started to provide freedom. It became fun again.” - Trent Mongero

Coach Flow's Philosophy

Coaches you’ll be criticized for...

  • Playing them.
  • Not playing them.
  • Making moves
  • Not making moves
  • Pulling them
  • Not pulling them
  • Disciplining them
  • Not Discipling them

At the end of the day, you’ll be critiqued,but DID YOU DO WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOUR TEAM AND YOUR PROGRAM? - Trevor Flow

Coaching Should Be Fun. Period.

I believe baseball is one of the most over-coached sports on the planet.

Don't get me wrong, the impact that a coach has on their players is so important it's mindblowing.

The bond that can exist betweem a coach who is using baseball as a tool to develop young players into responsible adults is a sacred bond that sould never be taken lightly.

But it still stands - it’s in my opinion that the type of coach he teaches their players how to truly compete, I mean truly compete, and who develop them to refine techniques without coaching the athleticism out of them - are few and far in-between.

One of my favorite "coaching baseball" quotes from Steve Springer is “Coach, you’re not gonna become the next Tommy Lasorda by winning the 12U Burger King championship. We have to be able to keep things light, and keep things fun”

Characteristics Of A Good Coach

  • Open to feedback
  • Earns your respect
  • Nurtures your talents
  • Willing to ride the storm with you
  • Creates a healthy environment
  • Pushes you to be better
  • Has quick heals for the game
  • Continues to learn
  • Builds you up before breaking you down & then builds you up again.

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