Two Mental Baseball Skills

Here are two mental baseball skills guaranteed to improve your development as a ballplayer.

You need JUST these two things:

  1. Honest Self-assessment. - this is what happened. this is why it happened. 
  2. Compassionate action - what do I need to do to fix it? Here is what I can do to decrease its occurrence.

Here are some examples. 

Honest self-assessment.

What happened: You struck out with the bases loaded, bottom In the 9th with the score tied.

Why it happened: You struck out because you expanded the zone too much and chased a breaking ball in the dirt.

You were swinging to “not miss” instead of swinging with the intention to still do damage with two strikes.

Compassionate action

What you can do: What I can do is a better job of seeing the ball up in the zone, so that I don’t chase breaking balls in the dirt.

When I swing, I’m swinging with controlled aggression without chasing.

Conclusion: The mistake is to assume your past equals your future.

It doesn’t.

We are problem-solving machines.

If you believe that your task is to be the best ballplayer you can possibly be then that which hinders your task is your task.

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