From Willy Mays, we learned an important lesson...

When we practice like a professional and play like a kid, good things happen.

This, in essence, is the way to never stop getting better while allowing what you work on in practice to translate to the game.

It's so simple. Catch, throw, and hit the ball with consistency.

Baseball solutions...

Talent and skill are important, but sometimes the absence of it can be overcome by the addition of work ethic and competitive drive.

Let's call this the Compete-Mode.

We can develop this powerful skill by understanding a very important law in sports.

Things become difficult for two reasons - because you've left your comfort zone, or you've become stuck in it.

When you feel stuck, a simple shift in thinking will almost always help.

Simply ask yourself, "What would it look like if it were easy?"

Usually, the solution to a slump at the plate, or hesitation on defense is right under your nose.

It starts with the approach, mindset, a plan, and then a commitment to execute the plan.

Share your thoughts.

What's your approach in this situation? See what others have said.

Things I'd Like to Share:

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Short: 6 Principles for hitting for power.

Quote to chew on: "Parents: Spend less time removing the mountains in your child's life, and spend more time teaching them how to climb. You will not always be there, but the mountains will." - Unknown

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