I've seen hitters with swings sloppier than a soup sandwich but still thrived in the batter's box because they had superior pitch recognition skills and the belief that they could beat any pitcher on the mound.

Imagine that; you can still dominate at the plate even without a perfect-mechanically-sound swing.  Whoo-woulda-thought?!

The beautiful thing is, it requires zero talent to learn these skills and put in the work.

Presence On The Field.

The moment you can step on the field, take your position and look at the opposing team in the dugout and say:

  • "I'm better than every single one of you.”
  • “I don’t care who you are, what you’re ranked, how successful you’ve been, I can beat you.”
  • “Win or lose, I will out-compete you."
  • “If my physical game isn’t here today, I’ll beat you with my mental & emotional makeup."

When you can say it, and believe it…

This is when you’ll know you are a great competitor.

This is when you know you have a mental game.

From here, you can lead by example.

From here, you can be vocal, and your words will travel.

From here, your presence will be felt on the field.

P.S. In your opinion, who's the best example of this in MLB, dead or alive, active or retired?

What's your approach?

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Here's a hint: "Be a good teammate" 🙂

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