make your bat super heavy!

SWING BRICK: The first adjustable bat weight that helps you achieve bat speed, grip strength from 5-20 oucnes!


The Adjustable Bat Weight Swing Trainer from 5-20 ounces in one tool.

Introducing the Swing Brick: the world's first adjustable baseball bat weight swing trainer!

With a range of 5-20 ounces, the Swing Brick allows hitters to take live swings during t-work, front toss, soft toss, and live batting practice, providing effective overload training.

A great swing starts from the ground up, and bat control begins with grip strength. Build a powerful swing, step by step, with the Swing Brick.

Swing Brick Bat Weight

Enhance your grip strength, bat control, and swing velocity with the Swing Brick – the ultimate adjustable baseball bat weight swing trainer.

Our Adjustable Baseball Weight Swing Trainer is crafted for versatility and convenience. Its unique adjustable design lets hitters fine-tune the bat weight from 5 to 20 ounces, adapting to your specific training needs for optimal results with every swing.

Compatible with any bat, the Swing Brick seamlessly integrates into your batting practice routine, ensuring you get the most out of your training sessions.


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Does the Swing Brick fit on any bat?

Yes! The Swing Brick should fit on almost any regulation-sized bat from 8U and up. Of course, if there are any issues, let us know and we'll make it right!

How young should a hitter use the Swing Brick?

When it comes to overload training, it's never too early once a hitter is able to make consistent contact with the ball while swinging. The benefit of the Swing Brick is it focuses on the benefits of overload training while meeting the hitter where they are at. Changing the weight of the Swing Brick allows the hitter to increase or decrease the amount of weight and challenge with barrel control.

What makes the Swing Brick batting weight different?

It's simple. You can adjust the bat weight from 5-20 oz without having to change or purchase another bat weight. With one Swing Brick, you have access to 8 different batting weight styles.

You can put the weight just above the hands while hitting at four different weights or at the barrel for dry swings at four different weights.

What if the bat doesn't fit or we don't like it?

If there is anything wrong with the product or if it doesn't fit, just let us know.

How long before I see improvement?

The benefit of overload training is immediate feedback. When you can control the barrel with 5-20 ounces, you will feel the difference as soon as you swing without the Swing Brick.

In what ways can we use the Swing Brick?

You can place the Swing Brick just above the hands to increase the weight of your bat while hitting, or you can place the Swing Brick at the barrel while taking dry swings.

Do you do bulk order discounts?

Definitely! Shoot us a note and we'll make it happen. [email protected]