Baseball Monthly Box

Become a student of the game with our Baseball I.Q. themed kits.

Baseball Monthly Box

$250+ of value in each kit!

Get A Free Baseball Kit With a Pro or Lifetime Membership.

Coach Trent Mongero touches on the importance of Baseball I.Q. and how players, coaches and parents can use the Baseball Kit to help start the process.

What's In This Season's Kit?

Baseball Launcher

Practice repeatble swings on your own with our soft toss ball launcher.

Normally $30. (Free)

VR Headset

Simulate live at-bats using our Baseball VR vision training headset.

Normally $57. (Free)

Crazy Movement Training Balls

Challenge your hard-contact ability with durable training balls that break, drop and cut through the strike zone.

Normally $19.97. (Free)

Mini Hand-Eye
Training Balls

Challenge your hand-eye coordination skills with mini plastic training balls.

Normally $16.97. (Free)

Finger Web Glove

Work on building your defensive confidence!

Normally $14.97. (Free)

Chinook Seeds

Highest quality sunflower seeds by far!

Normally $9.97. (Free)

Gamer Bat Confidence Stickers

Stick these on your bat and build your confidence with effective hitting reminders while at the plate.

Normally $9.97. (Free)

Black Batting Grip

Grip and rip with a pair of durable batting grip tape.

Normally $12.97. (Free)

The Alternative To Baseball
Monthly Boxes.

See how it works...

The Baseball Kit is about helping players understand important principles to peak performance while taking pride in their craft.

With each Kit, players will have access to:

$300+ in value in each Baseball Kit.
Hitting I.Q. training tools.
Fun snacks and cool new gagets!
Pitch Selection and Vision Training tools.
Training routines that make practice fun.



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Here's What Others Are Saying About
The Baseball Kit

1,000s of players are becoming Students of The Game!

Highly recommended! If you want to help your player develop baseball instincts, get yourself a Baseball Kit.

Steve Springer - MLB Scout & Quality At-Bats Founder.

Great players have to find new ways to get better and to make their practice more and more challenging. The Baseball Kit helps them with that.

Trent Mongero - Scout & Founder of Winning Baseball

100% worth it!!! I love doing the drills. It really helps me with my pitch recognization making sure I swing at good pitches and not bad ones!

Logan Highfill - Player

Baseball Monthly Box Coupon


Learn how to increase your hard-contact percentage & win more at-bats. With the Hitting-Themed Baseball Kit, players will learn how to Win The At-Bat, increase hard contact % while simulating live at-bats.

What's in the Kit?
VR Headset
Hand-eye two color wiffle balls
$300+ of value in each box.
One Handed Velo-Stick
Plus additional Hitting-Themed Tools
+ New quartely updates.


Learn how to slow the game down, increase your pitch-selection and defensive skills. With the Vision-Themed Baseball Kit, players will learn how to slow the game down, recognize pitches better while becoming an elite-defender.

What's in the Kit?
Two-Handed Velo-Stick
Plus additional Vision-Themed Tools
+ New quartely updates.
Wicked Movement Wiffle Ball Set
$300+ of value in each box.
Hand-Eye Reflex Bar
Baseball Monthly Box Coupon
Baseball Monthly Box Coupon


Sharpen your hitting & vision skills at the same time! With the Hitting & Vision-Themed Kit Bundle, players will have everything they need to become an elite-of-the-elite type of athlete!

What's in the Kit?
The Hitting & Vision Themed Baseball Kit Combined.
$300+ of value in each box.
Plus additional Vision & Hitting -Themed Tools
+ New quartely updates.

Learn How We're Helping Players Increase Baseball I.Q.

What is our Baseball Monthly Box Kit?  

This isn't your typical baseball monthly box. 
As an Applied Vision Baseball partner, we offer a Hitter and Vision kit thats full of fun gagets and help tips to help young players develop a love for the game!

Typcial baseball monthly boxes is a monhtly service that delivers unique baseball products to your doorsteps.
Why Choose our Kits Over a Baseball Monthly Box? 

We’ve had long discussion with both pro players and top college prospects about their process to reaching and achieving peak performance on the field.

Throughout our conversations, we collected a list of every single tool, resource and accessory that they have used to sharpen their game and develop their skills.

These are tools that have been game and player tested and we’ve made the decision on what to pick that much easier!
What's The Baseball Kit's Mission? From our experience as ballplayers we’ve learned that if you play for only yourself and your stats, mastery of the game is impossible.

If you play to compete, to have fun, and to help your team win, mastery of the game is inevitable.

We made these Baseball Kits with love and we believe it shows!

Who’s The Baseball Kit For?

Our baseball monthly box is for any player who wants to develop a genuine love for the game while developing and refining their tools as an athlete. Baseball is a game, and it’s meant to be played.

The Baseball Kit’s job is to give you:

- the tools to sharpen the exact skills that will help you stand out on the field,
- a gamplan to take daily action.

Your job is to:

- open the box
- execute on the plan!

What age range is The Baseball Kit for?

It's never to early for young ballplayers to begin their mastery of the fundamentals of baseball. The earliest age we've typically seen is between 6-18 years old.

What should I expect after purchasing a kit?

Depending on the Baseball Kit you purchased, your box will shipped to you immediatly after purchase. You will also have immediate access to 100s of training videos and vision training drills inside the Applied Vision Baseball App.

How do I use the VR Headset?

It's super simple! Simply open the VR Applied Vision Baseball App, slide your device in the VR headset, tighten the straps so the headset feel snug, and begin training in VR. Note, you do not need a VR headset to begin your vision training in the non-VR vision training drills.

What if I don't like the kit?

We got you. If you feel the Baseball Kit itsn't helping you devlope a love for the game, being a student of baseball, while mastering the fudamentals, let us know and we'll make it right. Just let us know within 30 days.

Is cancelling simple?

Super. Just click the cancel button in your member profile or let us know you'd like to cancel.

Does The Baseball Kit auto-renew?

Yes. It will auto-renew. Please meake sure you cancel at anytime before your recharge.

What if a product arrives broken?

We'll make it right. Just shoot us a photo of the broken part via email and we'll replace it ASAP.

How do I know how to use the baseball training tools?

We will have tutorials on every eingle traiing tool for each Baseball Kit. If you still have question, shoot us a message and we'll be happy to answer them.

Are Baseball Monthly Boxes Worth it?

If you think that helping you find the best tools and gadgets to sharpen your skills is worth it then yes!

What makes The Baseball Kit such an irresistible offer is the amount of value you get in the bundle! Up to $300+ in value for the price of one hitting lesson.