If you have talent, but your talent isn't showing up on the field, I can guarantee you it's about mindset.

Mental toughness can be learned through failure. More specifically, the lessons drawn from it.

This process requires support from both parents and coaches alike.

Coaches, if you only knew how powerful your words of encouragement are, and the impact those words will have.

Parents, if you only knew the impact you have by simply being in eye’s view when your kid looks up to see you sitting in the stands.

It takes a village to raise a single ballplayer.

Dealing With Slumps...

Here's how to deal with slumps.

First - realize they don't exist. Rather they are a result of focusing on aspects of the game beyond your control. Like stats.

Therefore, slumps are for hitters who are slaves to their stats.

Second - realize you're trying to do what's probably the hardest thing to do consistently in all of sports.

To swing a round bat at a round ball that spins, breaks, and drops.

It could be at your head, or it could be right down the middle. You have to cut yourself some slack.

On average, as a hitter, you have around 150 milliseconds to recognize the spin, speed, and location of a baseball to put a good swing on where you think the ball will be a point of contact.

Hitting isn't easy.

This is why we need an approach that matches your skillset, and role in the lineup.

Important Reminder...

"When your focus is on competing instead of stats, the confidence grows..."

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Quote I'm Pondering On: Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It's courage that counts. - John Wooden

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