How To Swing a Baseball Bat Like a Big Leaguer.

Learning how to swing a baseball bat like a big leaguer begins with learning how to swing with intent to do damage, understanding the basic prime movements of the swing, and being able to really compete so that what you learn in practice translates to the game.

How To Swing a Baseball Bat Correctly

There's a mental, physical, and emotional component to swinging a bat correctly.

Young hitters need to understand that what you're thinking about while in the box matters. How you feel when walking up to the plate sometimes matters even more.

When it comes to the mechanical side, having an understanding of the basic foundation of a swing is enough to be successful. In other words, hitters don't need to having a mechancially perfect swing in order to thrive at the plate.

I think it really starts with the approach. Why? Because a hitter could have the the most mechanically sound swing on the planet, and all the confidence in the world, but if their approach is wrong, the mechanics will break down and they will lose the confidence.

I get plenty of DMs on Instagram from young players searching for ways to swing a bat more efficiently, and I encourage them to begin focusing on Winning The At-Bat.

How To Swing a Baseball Bat Faster

Simply put, bat-speed is connected to how the hands move in relation to a hitter's center of gravity. In other words, hitters need to train their load & separation. How their hands move away from their body during the load phase of their swing.

Hitters who want to learn how to increase their bat-speed need to understand the power, strength, and range of motion is directly connected to the number of reps you take in a controlled environment.

In other words, you have to put the work in if you want to see results.

There's no way around it.

How To Swing a Baseball Bat For Power

A get this question a lot. Hitters, and more often times, their parents ask me "how can i get my kid to hit for more power?".

My response is "teach them how to be great hitters first". Oftem times, young hitters who are striving to drive the ball father tend to develop holes in their swing that never get addressed.

It's extremely important that young hitters learn how to drive the ball to all fields while executing repeatable, efficient swings. From there, the power will come as their strength, hitting I .Q. and range of motion develops.

How To Teach a Child To Swing a Baseball Bat

For young hitters, I think the best place to start for learning how to swing a baseball bat is learning how to be athletic.

Often times, when we try to teach hitters to be too technical, we coach the athleticism out of them.

I see this a lot with hitters who have lost their "feel" for the bat. They're trying to execute the perfect mechanically sound swing, and there is no intent when trying to make contact with the ball.

Learning how to compete and cultivating the belief that you can beat the pitcher - this is where I encourage young hitters to explore.

A great way to train this is by playing other sports where you're competing.

How To Swing a Baseball Bat Level

This is a very simple question to answer. Get the bat-head on the plane of the pitch as early as possibel and for as long as possible.

There's been a lot of debate on the launch angle and a short compact swing. I think sometimes baseball is an overly-coached sport.

The swing is the most natural movement, if left alone.

Hitter can practice a "level" swing by mastering the ability to drive the ball back up the middle during cage-work.

In-Closing - How To Swing a Baseball Bat Like a Big Leaguer

Of all the topics I shared above, I believe the #1 concept a young hitter needs to understand is learning how to swing with intent to hit the ball hard.

I believe the more aggressive the mind-set of a hitter is, the accurate their hand-eye coordination will be.

The mechanical aspect of a swing will slowy refine as hitters devlopes better balance and range of motion, but the intent and mindset should be reinforced early and often.

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