In baseball, Consistency is King.

Can you be consistently confident when faced with adversity? Can you make consistent contact even when your swing feels off? Can you take consistent advantage of the opportunities you have even when playing time is sparse? Can you consistently persevere and keep faith during bad at-bat after bad at-bat?

You build consistency by mastering the fundamentals. Swing mechanics, the mental approach, and vision...

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Here's a little visualizing, confidence-boosting track you can keep in your back pocket as a pre game or pre-at-bat mental warmup.

But first, understand...

Your ability to rehearse success and make adjustments is everything.

Here's a simple routine to help develop that skill.

Stare at this release point below...

Now imagine hitting a hard-line drive right back up the middle.

Next, stare at this release point...

Now imagine staying back and hitting a double in the opposite field gap.

Lastly, stare at this release point.

Now imagine hitting a bomb dead center.

Make it vivid. See it in detail. Immerse yourself in the environment.

What do you hear, smell, feel, or taste? How does the bat feel in your hands?

How good you get at visualizing and rehearsing success will be in direct proportion to your ability to summon confidence.

As my man, Stever Springer, likes to say, "90% of hitting is how you feel while walking up to the plate."

When you visualize, the mind doesn't know the body is not doing it. 

What's your approach?

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Here's my take: "Heros are made in the late innings. Want the 5th at-bat. It's the ultimate opportunity.

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