Baseball Hitting Drill

Consistent hitting starts with being able to execute an efficient, fundamentally sound swing. If you're looking to increase your hard contact percentage while driving the ball with more authority, try this baseball-hitting drill below.

Coach Trent Mongero touches on some of the principles he incorporated with his son Taber, as a well-rounded hitter.

Enter Coach Trent Mongero

"In order to become a great hitter, you have to spend time outside of organized practice perfecting your craft.

A simple but effective device is the Ball Launcher, which will allow you to get rep after rep, attacking the inside of the ball and using the entire middle of the field to become a more consistent barrel machine.

Simply placing golf-sized balls on this machine will allow you to rep out and as most great hitters know, attacking the inside of the ball and using the whole middle of the field allows for a margin of error. If you get dominated by a fastball and you're a tad late, you hit the ball backside gap.

If you're a little early on an off-speed pitch or he tries to drive you inside, you go ahead and turn it around in the gap to the pull side."

2 Baseball Hitting Drill Principles

1. Attack the inside part of the ball

We're only as good as the pitches we swing at. When we're underachieving at the plate, usually it's because we're trying to pull pitches we have no business pulling, or we're getting cheated by the Fastball.

By staying inside the ball, we allow the sweet spot of the bat to stay in the zone and path of the pitch longer, which increases our margin for error.

This is how we begin making more solid contact.

2. Using the whole middle part of the field

Driving the ball with authority happens when we learn how to swing with intent while thinking up the middle. A great hitter doesn't swing just to make contact, rather, they swing to do serious damage. When we use the entire field, we're able to adjust to pitches in different parts of the zone.

How good you get at using the whole field will dictate how many at-bats you win over the course of a season.

Baseball Hitting Drill

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