I've been getting this question in my Instagram DM about once a week. "How to slow down the fastball?".

I have three simple tips that hitters can implement at the plate when facing a pitcher with some good velo.

1. Have a good soft to hard focus.

Loose muscles are quick muscles. Loose muscles around the eyes avoid eye-strain.

A soft gaze with a broad focus on the pitcher during the wind-up…

…then a hard focus transition to the pitcher’s release point will give you early release point pitch recognition.

2. Slow feet & a quiet head.

Wanna make a 88 mph fastball look like 95 mph? Speed your feet up and increase your head movement.

Wanna make an 88 mph fastball look like 82 or 83 mph?

Slow your feet down and keep your head quiet. If the head moves, the eyes move. The more the eyes more, the faster the ball will appear.

3. Anticipate before you react.

Reacting is good because hitting is about letting go. But to show up on time, you anticipate.

When you’re sitting fastball while adjusting to off-speed, you’re always anticipating a good pitch to hit.

You’re anticipating a strike. If you’re sitting fastball you can't be surprised by the fastball.

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