How To Improve Vision For Baseball

Loose muscles are quick muscles. Soft eyes create efficient vision. When we're learning how to improve vision for slowing the game of baseball down, learning how to leverage controlled-aggression to increases hand-eye coordination is just another advantage for hitter striving for peak performance.

The elite of the elite hitters, package together an explosive swing with, off-the-charts pitch recognition & a real feel for the bat.

Wanna be a hitter with their presence felt on the field?

Train your strength, explosive power & range of motion in the gym.

Train your baseball vision & pitch recognition in the applied vision baseball app.

Train your controlled-aggressive swings in the batting cage.

Keep It Simple

The best hitting coaches above all else, help hitters to do two things.

  • Be on time.
  • Be athletic.

Every piece of advice is catered towards letting the athletic ability of the hitter surface so the swing can be efficient, explosive, and repeatable.

That's it.

As instructors - if we're not careful, we can over-coach hitting and instruct the athleticism out of the swing.

This is just my opinion, but i believe the best hitters are better athletes than they are ballplayers.

What i mean by this is - on the days that their swing feels "off", they are still able to thrive because they're not

Relying on their mechanics to compete.

They're on time.

They're athletic.

They have an approach that matches their skill-sets.

Simplify The Complex.

So often we let our mind get in the way of our skillset because we're trying to implement five different mechanical check points at the same time when it's time to hit.

So we lose our feel for the bat, our selective aggression goes away, and we begin to second guess our instincts.

Sounds fundamentals and good mechanics are important, but not at the expense of swinging with intent.

Shoot for 80% mechanics efficiency, and a 1,000% compete efficiency.

Add a bit of "dog" in your approach and you'll run into pitches.

See it well. be onetime. simplify. play with freedom.

When hitting gets hard, simplify the complex.

Train Your Timing

If hitting is about being on time, pitching is about upsetting that timing. As hitters, we’re only as good as the pitches we swing at, so our main job is to be on time while swinging at quality pitches.

Two ways hitters throw away at-bats is by not begin ready to hit the fastball, or leaking, lunging, or reaching at the off-speed. It’s important that we have the right approach, and we’re seeing the ball as well as we can. This is what hitters train in the applied vision baseball pitch recognition app.

To train their reaction to the fastball they train their swing-trigger by thinking "Yes, yes, no” on a ball & “Yes, yes, GO” on a strike. To train their breaking ball & off-speed reaction, they use the Post-Up pitch recognition training to recognize the breaking ball up or the breaking ball down, early in the zone.

It takes 400 milliseconds for an average MLB fastball to reach home plate. It takes about 100 milliseconds for your brain to process a visual queue. It takes about 25 milliseconds for the brain to tell the body to swing, and an average MLB swing - is about 150 milliseconds.

That means a hitter has about 125 milliseconds to recognize the spin, speed, and location of a baseball, and then put a good swing on where they think the ball will be at point of contact. If you want to dominate at the highest level, you need off-the-charts pitch recognition skills.

Improve Baseball Vision With The Applied Vision Baseball App

When the swing is effortless, it becomes efficient. When a swing has intent, it becomes accurate.
When the mind is empty, the body reacts. These skills get easier when your seeing the ball as well as possible.

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