How do I get better at pitch selection?

When answering the question "How do I get better at pitch selection?" I focus on two concepts.

  • Posting Up
  • Loading Late

Posting up is about being aggressive on pitches up in the zone. Some of your furthest hit balls will be the chest-high fastball and hanging breaking ball.

Look, I've never seen you hit but I'd wager that more than half of your swing and miss strikeouts are chasing pitches in the dirt.

Moreover, when we throw away at-bats or make weak contact, usually it's because we're trying to pull pitches we have no business pulling.

This is what the Post Up Drill does in the Applied Vision Baseball App.

Listen below to Coach Trent Mongero talk about how he uses the Post Up drill in the Applied Vision platform to help his players develop better pitch selection and plate discipline.

Coach Trent Mongero on Pitch Selection

"One of the most difficult things in hitting is to be able to recognize with two strikes the Curveball in the or Changeup in the dirt...

The Post-Up drill in the Applied Vision Baseball app allows you to get pitch-after-pitch experience, laying off that low-breaking ball, or that spinner in the dirt where we spit on it.

From here, we can start looking for that Hanger-pitch, that one up in the zone that's going to drop in the zone. These are the pitches we can do serious damage on.

Lastly, this will help you become the toughest two-strike hitter on your team, which will ultimately earn you more playing time."

In all, hitting is about taking quality swings on quality pitches. In order to do this, we need to make sure we are recognizing spin, speed, and location as efficiently as possible.

Fortunately, this is a skill that can be learned.

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