Hitting a Baseball With Intent.

Hitting a baseball with intent is a skill-set that can be a cure-all for young hitter struggling to make hard, consistent contact.

I believe the number 1 hitting skills for young hitters is attacking the inner-half of the baseball.

One thing all elite hitters have in common is the ability to drive the ball to all fields.

  • To turn on the inside fastball, staying inside to keep it fair.
  • To drive the ball up the middle with power, consistency, and control of the bat-head.
  • To drive the ball oppo with authority.

Take a look at the stats of hitters like Donaldson, Pujols, & bonds. They weren't the greatest power hitters before pro ball.

They were well-rounded hitters who learned how to hit for power when they developed their “man-strength”.

Be a good hitter first.

Power comes later.

Learn to drive the ball to all fields, with authority, consistency, and a real awareness of the strike zone.

Swing with intent.

Power, Vision, Controlled-Aggression.

Loose muscles are quick muscles.

Soft eyes create efficient vision.

Controlled-aggression increases hand-eye coordination.

The elite of the elite hitters, package together an explosive swing with, off-the-charts pitch recognition & a real feel for the bat.

Wanna be a hitter with their presence felt on the field?

Train your strength, explosive power & range of motion in the gym.

Train your baseball vision & pitch recognition in the applied vision baseball app.

Applied Vision Baseball App

Train your controlled-aggressive swings in the batting cage.

Get it in. Stay after it.

You got this.

Pitch Recognition App

Increase your hard contact consistency and optimize your hitting approach by simulating a week's worth of at-bats in one session.

>>> Train Pitch Recognition, Vision, & Hitting IQ.

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How The App Works

Take a peek at how the AVB pitch recognition app works.

Keep in mind - we make new iterations, add new pitchers and drills in the app quarterly, so chances are the interface & features will be optimized.

Based on user surveys, 95% of hitters training in Applied Vision Baseball have said they feel MORE confident & are more consistent in recognizing & reacting to high-velocity fastballs & hard breaking balls.

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