Here's one lesson I learned during my baseball career.

"You don’t miss the water till the well runs dry…"

Get my drift?

One day,  it'll be your last day playing baseball. It could happen next season or after 15 years in the big leagues. Eventually, we all have to hang em up.

My advice...

Try to end your playing career with as little regret as possible.

Here's how.

  • Build up your teammates.
  • Get your uniform dirty.
  • Master the fundamentals.
  • Take it all in; take a moment to smell the grass.
  • Clean your cleats and take pride in putting on a baseball uniform.
  • Embrace both the 0-4 days with 4 strikeouts as well as the 4-4 days with four doubles.

One day, you’ll miss it. Not today, because you still have a game in your near future and you're too busy chasing a .350 batting average. 

But one day, the well will run dry. Make sure you quench your thirst. Make sure you become a student of the game.

Crush Your Enemy

In baseball, only the relentless and paranoid survive.

Vigilance is the keyword here.

I don’t believe in every single unwritten rule of baseball.

Not swinging 3-0 when you have taken a good lead.

Not bunting during a no-hitter in the later innings during a close game.

I think you should always be competing.

The mistake is to take the foot off the gas pedal when you think you’ve got the win.

That’s a mistake.

If you’re 4-4 on the day, don’t let up.

Go 8-8.

Always pushing forward; never allowing the opponent to gain momentum.

If they score, you score.

If you score, they don't score.

If the pitcher executes a quality pitch, we execute quality swings.

This is part of competing.

When you compete, someone's feelings should get hurt.

Make sure it's not yours.

What's your approach?

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Here's a hint: "Thinking "hard turns" out of the box." 🙂

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