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VR TIMING - Simulate live at-bats to build confidence at the plate.
VR VISION - Train your load and stride to perfect your timing.
VR TRACKING - Practice seeing the ball early to improve your pitch selection.
VR PITCH SELECTION - Face elite-pitchers so you can handle higher velo fastballs and challenging curveballs.


Simulate live at-bats, sharpen your vision, and perfect your timing on any device.

Face Pitchers From All Levels

Train your pitch recognition & timing against pro, college, highschool & youth level pitchers.

Vision Training Baseball



Test your timing and reaction skills against elite-level pitching who  throw secondary pitches for strikes.

Vision Training Baseball



Build a vision skills foundation against advanced HS pitching  as you prepare for baseball at the next level.

VR Vision training



Gain an advantage with selective agression approaches against top-level collegiate pitching.

VR Baseball



Simulate live at-bats against top level recruits and youth prospects.

1,000+ Pitching Sequences.


Train with dozens of different vision training drills.

Pitch RecogNition Drills Library

Slide through dozens of various pitch recognition drills, pitchers & device types.


Train your pitch recognition & baseball vision on any device with the AVP app.

Train on a desktop for a wider user interface. Train on your iPhone while on the go or between batting practice session.

Simulate live at-bats on your TV or projector. Be creative with how you train your pitch selection, pitch recognition while simulating live at-bats.

Appplied Vision Pitch Recognition Drills


With each pitcher, you'll be able to train using the Full-View, Soft VS Hard Focus, Pitch Path Prediction, Occlusion, Swing Trigger, Change-up rehearsal, & Pitch Sequence Recall.

You can learn more about each type of pitch recognition drill here.


Do you need a VR headset?

No you do not need the VR headset to begin your training. As a member you will have immediate access to both the non-VR vision training  drills as well as the VR training drills. 

At anytime, you can add VR training to your development at, but you can train your vision skills without a VR headset today!

What can Applied Vision Baseball help me do?

A hitter's ability to recognize spin, speed, and the future location of the pitch at point-of-contact will contribute to a hitter's ability to make more solid contact while driving the ball with more power.

Ultimately, our vision training drills allow for hitters to simulate live at-bats while rehearsing success so the next time they step up to the plate in a real game, they believe they've already succeeded!

What do I get as a member?

With an Applied Vision Baseball membership, you get immediate access to: 

- all Pitch Recognition Training sequences & specialized vision drills.

- the Hitter I.Q.™performance stats to test and measure your progress and performance.

- the AVB leaderboard to see where you stack up against other hitters around the world.

- the gamification dashboard where you can unlock prizes and rewards after each pitch recognition milestone!

- dozens of hitting drill videos from professional hitting experts.

- downloadable Baseball Confidence Framework Sheets.

- access to new updates each quarter.

What makes Applied Vision Baseball Pitch Recognition App different?

The Applied Vision Baseball pitch recognition app utilizes actual video footage from inside the batter's box on each side of the plate to capture the most realistic hitter's perspective.

With the strike-zone awareness box placed on the footage, the user is able to reference the box to identify pitch-types, and balls & strikes while training in the app.

We've worked hard to provide users with the most challenging and engaging pitchers like former Major League pitcher, Bud Smith & other professional and top college pitchers as well as a library of elite high school and youth level pitchers.

Additionally, we offer a full library of "pitch-type specific" pitch recognition training drills. 

Are you struggling with recognizing the changeup? You can use the changeup pitch recognition Occlusion Training sequence drill, which is a pitch recognition training philosophy used by professional organizations since the 1980s.

Lastly, we have created pitch recognition drills to help hitters develop their Swing Trigger™ (Reaction to balls and strikes) and Hitting I.Q. (Hitter's Count Leverage Awareness).

How often should I train my pitch recognition?

How often you should be training your pitch recognition depends on where you are at in your developmental process as well as how much playing time you're currently earning.

In either case, we've seen great results with hitters who allocate at least five minutes a day to reinforce proper pitch recognition habits.

You spend time in the batting cage to refine your swing. You spend time in the weight room to build explosive power and strength, and you spend time in the Applied Vision Pitch Recognition App to develop superior pitch recognition skills.

How long does it take to see results?

It depends on where the hitters are at in their developmental process. Typically, we see same-day results for hitters who train with the Soft to Hard Focus pitch recognition drills just before a game.

Do you offer team pricing or discounts?

Of course! Come check out our Team Pricing Tables here!

Can you practice before games?

Yes, and it's highly recommended! Using the AVB Pitch Recognition App is a great way to reinforce proper visual movements that a hitter can implement into their next at-bat. Especially the soft to hard focus drills as well as the strike-zone awareness drills.

What age should players start using this pitch recognition app?

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend introducing pitch recognition training as soon as hitters begin facing live pitching off of a mound. The sooner a hitter is able to understand plate and zone awareness, the sooner a hitter will develop pitch type and location detection as well as their overall Hitter I.Q.™.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! You will receive a discount with a yearly Pro Plan as well as a FREE VR headset.

Can I cancel my account at anytime?

Absolutely! We offer a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee for all free VR headset plans

If you're not 110% satisfied with our pitch recognition training app, shoot us an email or simply login and hit the cancel button and we'll make it right!

If you have any further questions, shoot us a note on our contact page.

Because of our payment process. We do not offer refunds on recurring recharges after our 30 day refund policy . To avoid charges, please login to the web app, and in your account settings click the “cancel your account” button. Cancel requests via email are not recognized as refund submissions. Please note that renewals are non-refundable.

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