Over the course of a season, playing baseball is an emotional rollercoaster. 

There's ups. There are downs. There's everything in between.

One moment you think you have it all figured out, and the next - you're asking yourself if you ever even held a bat in your hands.

This is the journey of failure. Comes with the territory. Don't like it? Tough t!t.

Fortunately, it's not about what happens to you in baseball. Rather, it's how you respond.

When you're struggling in the box, can you continue to build on your skill set?

The Roberto Clemente Principle...

When the game feels like it’s too fast, or you feel like you’re thinking too much at the plate consider the powers of compartmentalizing your approach to hitting.

You can simplify your at-bats using a trick that Roberto Clemente used.

He just tried to make hard contact once on 12 swings a day.

Lemme explain.

12 swings is all it takes.

Let’s say you have four at-bats. You have three strikes to use.

If you swing at all 3 strikes that is 12 possible strikes to make hard contact on. 4x3 = 12.

All you need to do is make hard contact with one ball to get a hit. One quality swing driven to the big part of the field.

With a pinch of luck, that’s one hit a day.

You can tell yourself. “I'm going to be aggressive early in the count. I get 2 pitches to swing at. All I need to do is make hard contact once to have a good day. I don’t care about anything else”.

There’s a kind of freedom in this way of thinking.

Nothing happens until the bat comes off the shoulder.

What's your approach?

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Here's my take: "The runner must get to third at all costs. Look middle-away and rive something hard oppo."

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