In baseball, you need a small ego, a small head, a big heart, and a big-picture perspective. You have to believe you can beat any pitcher on the mound, while also knowing there is always someone better and possibly outworking you. The humble Confidence recipe is real.

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Being a True Hitter...

In many ways, being a great hitter is about failing your way to success.

Most of your swings will not produce a hard line-drive.

Most of your at-bats, you'll fail to get on base.

But each failure is a step closer to an at-bat where you do get on base, a base hit, or a hard-hit ball.

When you can take your bad at-bats in strides and learn to respond to them the same way you respond to at-bats that you win, your mental game will take a giant leap forward.

When you're 0-4, never let them see you pout.

When you're 4-4, never let them see you coast.

This, among many other qualities, is a mark of a true hitter.

What's your approach?

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Here's a hint: "No matter the inning. No matter how many outs. No matter who's pitching or who's hitting. The goal of the hitter in this situation is the same..."

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