So you have a pair of our Super Simple Baseball Swing Trainers, and now you want to learn exactly how to implement them into your hitting routine.

You're at the right place!

First of all. We have to understand something about the elite-of-the-elite hitters.

What all great swings have in common is a Powerful Load. There has to be a separation of the hands away from their core or center of gravity so that the hips can pull the hands through the zone.

This is where Tourq and Batspeed come from. We call this separation, getting the hand back, feeling the stretch, or getting into a load.

As hitters, our ability to drive the baseball with authority is everything, and we can learn this by using these Baseball Swing Bands to help develop a nice load and separation during our pre-swing movements as we get ready to fire the hands.

Feel free to watch a video tutorial of how you can implement this in your batting practice session.

Ultimately, the goal of using tools like our Super Simple Baseball Swing Trainers is to keep it fun and fresh. We get better as athletes by creating constraints in a controlled environment.

If we only do what's easy, progress will stagnate. But when we keep things challenging and fun, progress is inevitable.

Baseball Swing Trainer Band Style #1

baseball hitting training tools

Lead arm to bat handle.

The goals here.

  • Feel the stretch
  • Stay Connected
  • Avoid Casting

As you can see, we have the band attached to the lead arm, and to the bat handle. You can take some liberty of where you connect the band on the bat. Some like it under the bottom hand, others the top, some in between both. Go with what feels comfortable for you.

As you load, you will feel the tension in the band. Keep the tension as you load, separate, and fire the hands during your swing.

Keep the swing the same and feel how achieving and keeping the tension in the band, helps with allowing your hips to fire the hands through the zone.

If that bands peel off the elbow, that's completely fine. Just reset, and readjust for the next swing.

We want to stay inside the ball with nice flight, carry and backspin as we drive the bat head through the zone.

Baseball Swing Trainer Band Style #2

Lead arm to top hand thumb.

The goals here.

  • Feel the stretch
  • Stay connected
  • Keep the top hand engaged

This is very similar to style one, but a tick easier. You still want to work on feeling the stretch in the load phase of the swing.

Focus on staying connected by keeping the hands inside the ball to avoid casting. You will have the band attached to the lead arm, and the other end attached to the thumb. Think of your top hand like the draw of a bow and arrow. Thew top hand is what draws the bow to stretch.

We should see nice flight of the ball off the bat. Aggressive swings while swinging with intent. Balance at the point of contact and balance after contact. Lastly, we need to see the head down at the point of contact, with a firm base and lower half.

Baseball Swing Trainer Band Style #3

Back elbow to bat handle.

The goals here.

  • Staying connected
  • Avoiding bat-head drop
  • Keeping the tension in the top-hand

Now, what we’re working on is avoiding the bat head dropping too low, and forcing the sweet spot of the bat to collapse as we get the bat head on the plane of the pitch.

In other words, we want to keep the top hand activated as we fire the bat head through the zone just before the point of contact.

What we’re going to learn here, is "Barell Awareness". We developing a “feel” for the bat. Very important.

Ultimately, we want to be aware of what the bat head is doing throughout the swing.

Nothing changes. Still trying to take controlled aggressive swings Readjust and reset as needed.

Baseball Swing Trainer Band Style #4

Lastly, with our path bands, the problems we’re trying to solve here are:

  • letting go of the bat too early.
  • avoiding chicken winging (the lead arm starts to poke out and we get an early collapse)
  • chasing pitches out of the zone
  • swinging to just make contact instead of swinging with intent to do damage.

If you’re chasing pitches, or if your lead elbow tends to flair, these path bands will help with being more conscious of what you’re elbows are doing while in your load-phase of your swing, as well as a reminder to establish plate discipline by not chasing pitches out of the zone with one hand.

We’re keeping the swing the same.

We’re Focusing on staying short and compact.

Baseball Hitting Training Tools Outro

The power and path bands are great for tee work, soft toss, and front toss to help with building a solid swing from the ground up.

Remember, as hitters, we’re only as good as the pitches we swing at. We’re not swinging just to make contact, we’re swinging with intent to do serious damage with the baseball. When you get this part right, you will achieve peak performance in the batter’s box.

I hope you enjoyed this video. More importantly, I hope you do something with it. If you’d like more motivational baseball tips, please sign up for our free newsletter.

You can grab your pair of Baseball Swing Bands at our online store here or at our Amazon store.

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