Stat Rat & The Batting Average Slave.

In a game loaded with failure, the hardest thing to do is have confidence when you’re not getting results.

The only way around this is to change where you draw confidence from. Period.

If you only get confidence when you get hits, you will always be a slave to the outcome.

If you get confidence from preparation, winning at-bats, and a trust in approach and process, you achieve freedom.

A lot of you are putting pressure on yourself in the batter's box because you think you need a hit to be successful,

And now you’re running the numbers in your head of how many hits you need to get today to stay above .300.

I’ll say it before, and I’ll say it again.

There are ways to be a valuable asset in a lineup without getting three hits in today's game.

As hitters, we’re as good as the pitches we swing at.Take quality swings on quality pitches, and you’re going to run into some balls.

Don’t be a stat rat.

Win The at-bat.

What you really want is to become a "Barell Guy".

The barrel guy makes solid contact even when his swing feels off.

The barrel guy doesn’t get cheated by the fastball.

The barrel guy can still drive the ball w/ authority when they leave their posture or when their mechanics break down just a tik.

The barrel guy gets it done in hit and run situations.

The barrel guy can swing it in every zone w/ complete plate-coverage using the big parts of the field.

The barrel guy is tough w/ two, makes the pitcher work & puts pressure on the defense to make plays.

A good-looking swing is great, but hitting isn’t a “looks contest”.

Be a barrel guy.

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