Pitch Recognition Software & Mental Performance

When you’re confident, you see the ball. When you see the ball well, you’re confident. It’s the ol’ chicken before the egg question.

What comes first?

Short answer: both and neither.

Meaning it’s not about waiting for confidence until we have good pitch recognition and vice-versa...

...it’s about having a smart approach and strategy in place to allow either to develop on their own.

For confidence it’s about:

  • Having daily attainable goals
  • Staying within your approach
  • Focusing on helping your team win
  • Focusing on the result you want
  • Having effective positive self-talk

For pitch recognition and seeing the ball as best as you can it’s about:

All of these are tasks that are completely within your control.

They require zero talent.

You don’t need to have access to the best equipment or the top travel team.

It’s something your practice daily.

Like pursuing excellence…

...It’s a choice, and a way of life.

Pitch Recognition Software & Mental Performance Checklist

A good baseball pitch recognition software will allow hitters to simulate live at-bats by training core pitch recognition skills at game speed.

The goal with the Applied Baseball Vision pitch recognition app was to help develop their confidence by allowing hitters to participate in cognitive training that builds confidence, brick by brick in the same way you build a house.

You set a firm foundation, then you apply a new pitch recognition skill, one block at a time.

Learning how to slow the game down happens after you've repeated the same scenario over and over. Once the game starts, you will feel like you've already been there. So you perform as though you have.

You've rehearsed success, by training to successfully recognize spin, speed, and location, and experienced progress by measuring your performance and knowing what pitch recognition skill-sets you still need to develop.

Lastly, it has to be fun. If the hitter isn't enjoying the training, it will be hard to stick with it until the results arrive.

When we're having fun, we perform well.

This is what we believe makes a quality pitch recognition software application.

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