So much of how we perform on the field is dictated by the energy we bring.

For the average player, the energy is dictated by how they may be feeling today or based off their most recent past performance or result.

For the elite player, the energy is dictated by a consistent routine, commitment to "process", a desire to win, and a genuine competitive nature.

The great players make that deliberate choice.

To summon this focus, ballplayers need motivation triggers.

A thought process that allows the best version of themselves to show up regardless of what happened yesterday or how they may be feeling today.

The million-dollar question is this:

"how can you remind yourself to be at you best when it's time to compete and execute?"

When it's time to put on the uniform, step on the field, compete and help your team win...

Identify the mental or verbal process that triggers the momentum you need to win at-bats while being the best competitor on the field.

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