It's the worst feeling in the world - taking a Fastball right down the middle. 

You're thinking - "dang, I shoulda swung."

Question: "Why didn't you?"

Answer: "Because you weren't ready."

You were thinking, "if" it's a strike, you'll swing, instead of assuming the next pitch is going to be a strike, and you're going to take a controlled-aggressive swing on that next pitch.

Hitters - we have to be thinking:

"Yes, yes no." on a ball."

"Yes, yes, GO!" on a strike."

Start on time to be on time, assuming the next pitch will be the best pitch you will see all day.

Sometimes, we don't strike out on the third strike - instead, we strike out on the first or second strike that we should have been ready to attack.

What's your approach?

What's your approach here?

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Here's a hint:  The runner on 3RD must score...

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