You bust your tail in the gym to build strength & range of motion.

You take hack after hack in the cage to refine the swing & build bat speed.

Then once the game starts, the pitcher is on the bump, and you're walking to the plate...

...all of your hard work goes down the drain because you're playing with tension, anxiety & pressure.

You're forgetting to breathe.

How do you learn how to finally relax?

First, you have to let go of outcome and just compete with a goal to win the at-bat.

You genuinely have to say, "i don't care if i get a hit, i'm just going to compete and have fun."

Next, you gotta make playing baseball about building up and helping your teammates. when the focus is on contribution and not on "what's in it for me?" - your natural abilities will surface.

Selflessness = peak performance.
Selfishness = performance anxiety.

Control your breathing.

Redefine your definition of success.

Be a great teammate.

That's it. So simple it's stupid.

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