I get questions from young ballplayers in my Instagram DM almost on a weekly basis that have the following theme:

  • "I'm getting overlooked.
  • I'm sitting the bench but I should be in the starting nine.
  • Scouts aren't recruiting in my area.
  • My coach plays Daddy Ball.
  • I'm getting slepted on.

I figured I'd just whip up a quick post about it to send them to make things easier.

Let's start here.

Ichiro VS Haters

This is an actual scouting report for Ichiro before he made his MLB debut.

"Interesting profile. Makes consistent contact but slaps pitches into dirt.

He beats throws because he runs out of box during swing (Illegal?).
Poor-man’s Kenny Lofton in both field and hit.

Bat control decent enough to handle inferior Japanese pitching but slap-mechanics will be overmatched with MLB velo.

A small frame and already 27. No projection. Can throw the ball a bit. Maybe a pitcher?

Tweener AAA type. Doesn’t play American style of baseball. Not for us.

Other oddities: weird stretching routine before at bat. Holds bat like sword/candle (??) pre-pitch. Japanese fans love it but will not gel with MLB players/fans. Not worth the risk."

PLAYERS: Play long enough, and someone will sleep on you. You will be underestimated and be written off.

Use it.

Draw inspiration from being written off. Prove them wrong.

How To Deal With Playing Time Adversity.

Feeling like you're getting slept on by your coach or organization?

Are you setting the bench when you should be in the starting 9?

Are you getting bumped down in the order for one or two bad at-bats?

Feeling like your coach has you on a short leash?

Getting overlooked by scouts and recruiters?


Now is your chance to prove them wrong. Great players draw inspiration from everywhere.

Do yourself a favor.

Refuse to transfer blame or make excuses about why things aren't going the way you want them to.

Identify what you want out of baseball.

Develop a plan that leads to what you want.

Then execute the plan.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Be so good you can't be ignored!

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