How To BUILD Confidence At The Plate: Find Your Happy Place.

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

The game starts, it’s your first at-bat, and you’re already pressing because you think getting a hit is how you're gonna feel good about yourself

Or how about this…

It’s the bottom of the 9th, you’re 0-4 for the day, and you have zero confidence at the plate.

This happens because your mind is stuck in the past. You need to find your happy place.

The spot in your mind where you’re:

  • Free from outcome.
  • Independent of the opinion of coaches, parents, or other players.
  • Competing in the moment. Not in the past or future.
  • Feel genuinely challenged. You see adversity as a chance to rise to the occasion.

Baseball is a game. It’s meant to be played.

Ever hit a ball so good that you didn’t feel it come off the ba

Best feeling in the world right?

Make that a common occurrence. Find your happy place.

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