Baseball Vision Training

Hitting is less about reacting and more about prediction. When it comes to baseball vision training, a distinction needs to be made between eyesight and vision performance.

Better Baseball Vision Training

When hitting a baseball, we’re not swinging at where the ball is coming out of the pitcher’s hand, we’re swinging at where we predict the ball will be at the point of contact.

When you decide to do something is just as important as what you decide to do.

A perfectly mechanical swing executed too late means nothing if there isn’t efficient cognitive processing from the eyes and brain to the body.

In all, good pitch recognition and vision is less about 20/20 vision and more about high-level decision-making. 50% of a hitter's vision is compromised at the plate when there's tension & anxiety in the body.

How do we make better decisions?

Through repeated visual repetitions. 

The Hitter's Brain

When it comes to hitting a baseball, the hitter’s brain is like a computer.

Memory capacity is everything.

One aspect of faster reaction time is memory recall.

Pitch recognition isn’t just about seeing the ball; rather it’s about seeing accurately, storing the spin, speed, and location in your memory bank, and then recalling the memories at a moment’s notice.

You should think of each pitch type and location as files in a computer.

So, what you want is a fast computer.

A processor that is able to retrieve information quickly and accurately so that you can make the best decision possible.

A great processor dictates your quality of pitch selection and adjustments in your swing mid-pitch.

The more spin, speed, and location variations you see, the bigger your memory bank grows.

In other words, if you want to become a better hitter, simulate live pitching.

If you can’t get on the field, the next best thing is simulating live at-bats at appliedvisionbaseball.

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