Blaise Pascal said it best when he said, “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”To trust ourselves, we need to learn to quiet the mind.In other words, we need to "shut up".Sounds harsh, but let me explain.

The mental chatter that tells us we’re not good enough……that we should have done better or something differently.That voice, its forever stuck in the past or obsessed about the future.

Never in the moment, we’re all the magic happens.It will be impossible to reach peak performance in the batter's box when we're stuck on what happened yesterday or our previous bad at-bat. I promise you.

The moment you can shut off the noise in your mind, and focus on the task at hand, your god-given natural talent, as well as what you’ve been working on in practice, will surface in the game. But first, we have to turn off the inner-self-critique. We have to clean the slate and clear the mind. This is how we build confidence with our mental game.

This is how we slow the game down with our eyes.

Optimism Is Courage...

It's easy to be confident when you're 4-4 with four doubles.

It's easy to enjoy the bus ride home after winning the game or series.

It's easy to be mentally tough when in your last at-bat you hit the ball off the pitcher's neck.

How about when you're 0-4 with four strikeouts?

When you're on a five-game losing streak?

Or after striking out with the bases juiced and you were down by one, and all you needed to do was put the ball in play?

Those are the moments that will test your character.

Can you still be optimistic?

Can you still cultivate courage?

Can you muster mental toughness?

Competing while facing adversity is the separator of the "common" players from the "uncommon" players.

Optimism is courage.

What's your approach?

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Here's my take: "You have to want the 5th at-bat. You have to get on base. You have to battle. You have to make the pitcher earn strikes, the zone, the outs, and the at-bats."

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